Ingane Yami

Ingane Yami is an isiZulu word meaning “My Child”. At Ingane Yami Children’s Village we believe that every life is precious to God and that each life that is broken and without hope can be restored. Ingane Yami exists to see each child’s story rewritten. Our mission statement is to rescue children, rebuild families, restore lives, release leaders. For more information on this project

The FirstRand Trans Cycling Adventure

The reality is that the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable child in Africa is well known, but the problem is almost too large to deal with. The FirstRand Trans Africa Cycling Adventure provides people with the opportunity to stand in that gap, to be the light and be someone of significance in the lives of others. The theme for 2016 was framed around the words of the great Nelson Mandela: “…Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world…” Providing a safe and secure home for these children is not enough, there is a need to ensure that they are properly educated, thus allowing them to take their rightful place in society and to become leaders in their community and the world. The aim, to build an education fund over time that will be used to provide, teachers, bursaries and educational material for the present and future children of the village. For more information on this project